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“We work hard to tell the crowd about crowdfunding campaigns”

The best crowdfunding promotion company out there today!

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Awesome Services

We focus on delivering quality services. We provide the best customer service and amazing crowdfunding plans for campaigns. CrowdTell provides a variety of plans from standard to the most ultimate, there are great solutions available here for every CrowdFunder.

Quality Support

We treat every crowdfunding campaign with high priority support . You can expect the best support from us at any time. If you contact us or made an order, then we will respond back to you within a time-frame of 24 hours. Crowdfunders are extremely important to us and we treat them with great support.

Secure Protection

Our services are very safe and secure. We use Paypal for all transactions. We also offer Dwolla and other alternatives. We do not need any login details or passwords to your account in order to provide our services. What we ask of you is the crowdfunding URL to which you would like our services to be applied to and keywords to target then we do the rest!

Money Back Guarantee

We are professionals who truly believe in our crowdfunding solutions. All orders are backed with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t get the delivery of the service you ordered then we will definitely give you a refund. This is how we have gained the trust and confidence of countless Crowdfunders.

Quick Delivery

We get started right away after you order our services. We have the fastest delivery times available on crowdfunding services. We know that a happy customer is a customer who will return to order from us. This is why your satisfaction is our priority and we are committed to delivering the best crowdfunding solutions.

Affordable Plans

We have the best affordable plans for crowdfunding services. We have solutions that will help you and your campaign. Our prices are afford very clear and detailed so you can know what you are paying for upfront. Services for crowdfunding start at only $99.

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Crowdfunding Plans

“Please contact us if you have a higher budget for your crowdfunding campaign or would like to pay up to 4 weeks of heavy promotion.”

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  • “My crowdfunding campaign raised only half my goal before @icrowdtell reached out to me. Not only did I reach my goal, I passed it too!”

    JulesLotus Leaf
  • “Thank you @icrowdtell for helping my crowdfunding project get more backers and reach it's goal.”

  • “@icrowdtell got my crowdfunding campaign, press releases and social media exposure from top influencers. This helped drive our funding to 450% of our goal.”


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